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      Offset Fine Art Prints

      These are printed in large runs using a high capacity large format printing press (offset prints). These presses are state of the art, delivering clear, vibrant colors. Additionally, these prints are produced on the highest quality art paper. Since they are printed in large runs, we can pass the savings on to you. With proper care, these prints will easily last a lifetime.

      These prints are only available in our two most popular prints, Bushwood – A Tribute to Caddyshack and The Green Jacket and only in the 28” x 22” size. All other sizes and works are reproduced as Giclée prints.

      Giclée Prints

      Giclée printing is the highest quality printing where each print is individually produced using a Giclée printer. These printers run a single print at a time using acid-free archival inks producing the finest print available as well as printed on the highest quality fine art paper. Giclée prints will last as long as the original painting itself – several lifetimes.

      All Bushwood Prints are in fact giclée prints with the exception of the two prints mentioned above.